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Wild, C. (2015): Biodegradable stents for the treatment of refractory or recurrent benign oesophageal stenoses. Decision Support Document 89.

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Biodegradable ("resorbable") oesophageal stents to treat benign refractory and/or recurrent oesophageal strictures were recently developed as alternatives to self-expanding metal stents (SEMS) and self-expanding plastic stent (SEPS). Prior to the insertion of the stent, oesophageal dilation -i.e. the dilation with a balloon– is the first-line therapy for the treatment of stenoses caused by dysphagia (impaired deglutition. For the indication "benign refractory and/or recurrent esophageal stenosis" only one product -the SX-ELLA stent Esophageal Degradable™ BD- holds CE marking (since 2007) on the European market.

To answer the question of efficacy three comparative studies with a total of 83 patients were available: A total of 37 patients were treated with biodegradable stents. To answer the question of safety, five studies with a total of 86 patients treated with biodegradable stents were available. Based on the available results from the few studies of very low quality, efficacy and safety of biodegradable oesophageal stents cannot be conclusively assessed. Currently, it is an experimental procedure in an early stage of use.

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